Mental Resilience Support during the Corona Virus
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Attend the online seminar, and gain the right to participate for 20 min a day for 7 day mental resilience program.

Time: 8 April 2020, 12:00 PM (GMT +2)

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Uncertainties and worries about the future are increasing, which means that our minds will begin to obsess with questions such as:

What will I do if I have to shut down my business?

All of my orders have been cancelled. I’m afraid of bankruptcy.

What if I cannot pay my employees’ salaries? 

How can I support my employees during this crisis?

I worry more and more every day. I can’t focus on my job. How do I deal with this?

How do I keep my family safe from worry?

In order to deal with all these questions, our mental resilience is more important than ever. By keeping our minds under control, we can overcome this situation by taking positive and proactive measures against these questions.

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What will happen if my workplace is closed? Will I have a job tomorrow?

How can I manage not to reflect this stress on my house?

How can I survive if I am no longer getting paid? How can I pay my bills?

Everything is changing.  How can I adapt quickly?

In addition to the economic resistance of businesses against the current epidemic, the mental resistance of the teams is also critical. The durability of teams as well as business owners is the most important factor for businesses to survive in the new order.

We invite you to the 'Mental Resilience Support during the Corona Virus Online Seminar' designed by Richard Maloney based on Engage & Grow Leaders & Teams Activation System and Quality Mind Personal Activation System to increase our mental resilience during Corona days. You can register for FREE by filling out the form.

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Thanks to our FREE program, you and your teams will be ready for the recovery by only investing 20 minutes per day for 7 days!

Program Summary


Feature:We will dive into what really causes us stress and anxiety in a crisis.

Advantage:You will learn new tools to eliminate worry.

Benefit:You will walk taller and feel more secure in today’s world.


Feature: We will help you understand our inner dialogue, enabling you to easily see your mind patterns unfold.

Advantage: This will create greater pressure vents in your mind.

Benefit: You will manage pressure like a pro and become so much cooler and calmer under pressure.


Feature: You will learn the tools to activate your mind, enabling you to see more clearly while under pressure.

Advantage: You will experience new levels of energy will entering your system and infusing through your entire body.

Benefit: You will feel more at ease, sleep like a baby and most definitely laugh more!


Feature: I will teach you the 6 Stages of Mindful Alignment.

Advantage: You will see yourself from a different angle.

Benefit: Your foresight and decision making will improve out of sight.


Feature: I will teach you modern day science about the True Power of the Heart.

Advantage: You will connect with your intuition more frequently.

Benefit: You will make smarter, faster and more creative decisions.


Feature: I will show you how to create your own personal 100 Point Plan.

Advantage: Your days will be far more structured, flowing with more energy.

Benefit: You will live with more freedom and focus.


Feature: We will privately assess your growth over the last 7 days.

Advantage: You will see thew growth and clearly identify areas that require more focus.

Benefit: You’ll be far more knowledgable on who you want to be and how you want to think.


Mentoring by Richard Maloney

All sessions will be guided by Quality Mind Founder and CEO, Richard Maloney

Under the guidance of Expert Mentor Richard Maloney, you will be able to manage the social and phycological effects of the outbreak by being MENTALLY STRONGER.

Richard has also been coaching for 15 years, and has successfully coached hundreds of executives, adolescents, mums, and dads from 35 countries.

What is Engage & Grow?

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What is Quality Mind?

Quality Mind helps people suffering from anxiety or everyday pressures. Built for business leaders, employees, families, couples, and individuals who wish to overcome life’s challenges and better respond to pressure.

Many people – both young and old – struggle to cope with mounting societal pressures.

Quality Mind will arm you with the latest tools necessary to alleviate stress and anxiety and help you achieve your self-growth goals.



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