Ali Turgut Denizeri


My name is Turgut Denizeri. I was born in İstanbul in 21 January 1974.

When I was 17 years old, I started to work in our textile company with my father. It was a small family business and it had all classical problems of this kind of a firm. We were always discussing about developments like setting systems buying computers. etc After my younger brothers joining me in 1999 (who happens to be a tourism graduate)We had the majority in the company and retired our father .And then we started again; joined the fairs, set new software systems. So in 2002 we turned out to be a special textile company that works 100% for Italian brands.

We were one of the top ten tax payers in our region in 2004 in 2009 we moved our production line to Günesli which was the center of textile business. We passed from all international audits regarding production and became the our sourcing firm for Converse and for all other European Brands. At the same time we went in to security sector. We got the distrubition of the best security brand of England and installed smart buildings. While during these businesses were continue we established a cosmetic company in 2011.We were marketing thousands of cosmetics product on the internet.

In 2016 at the 25 th year of my trade life I sold and transferred all our companies and we started to manage a boutique hotel and restaurant in İzmir, Ceşme I have been married for 16 years,I have a son 7 years old and a daughter 12 years old . Now I am an Action COACH



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    Halaskargazi Cad. No: 114/8
    34363 Osmanbey, İstanbul


    +90 212 291 12 00